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Welcome to Pryzwnr's (version 1.0.0) Beta Launch!

With the launching of a brand new and untested website, you may encounter a bug or glitche that will need to be remedied. Please be patient and give us the chance to earn your trust and respect.

We are so very proud to be offering this online experience to all of you. I can assure you that we are here and will protect your privacy and personal information.

Pryzwnr.com evolved from the need to solve a very serious problem, Covid-19. We know that we aren’t the cure, but we are soldiers in this battle against a very formidable foe.

Nothing would please us more than to know you are enjoying the games. Let us know if you have concerns so we can address them properly. Your safety and comfort is our highest priority.

Spread the word … Pryzwnr.com has arrived!

How about an Xbox and a Samsung Smartphone for the next 2 Contests!

We have been giving some heavy thought to what the next 2 Pryzwnr.com contests should be. In the first contests we have taken care of the Apple IOS and Sony gaming addicts. So why not give the other half of the world’s population the same punishment?

Let's get real crazy and offer the Android and Nintendo junkies their chance for the ultimate buzz.

We will be posting our next contests with these magnificent new prizes!!! Would a brand new Xbox Series X with all the trimmings we can find and a Samsung Galaxy A71 Ultra with 512Gb storage capacity flip your switch? Good, I would certainly hope so.

You all can enter and play our games for these incredible prizes. Their contests will begin shortly after the completion of the current 2 contests. Get ready and stay tuned. The rush is coming!

Samsung Galaxy A71 w/512Gb

Xbox Series X (loaded)

Coming to a Screen Near You!