Questions & Answers


I am going to give you 12 good reasons.

  1. Why not? It's fun and exciting.

  2. You can join for less than a cup of gourmet coffee.

  3. You'll have at least 5 chances to win.

  4. The value of our prizes are worth more than 10X our most special OPZ package.

  5. New contests with new prizes will constantly be added to our site.

  6. Winners will pick up their "prizes" from one of their local merchants.

  7. If you're in a financial crunch, we encourage you to wait and hope you'll join us later.

  8. We'll add to the referring member’s PW account up to 3 "free" OPZ for every person referred to us that uses your "referral code" when they join our family and purchase their first OPZ package of $19.99USD or greater. So, get on your social media platforms and begin spreading the word. Pryzwnr.com is amazing and welcomes everybody!

  9. All of our prizes are "authentic" merchandise. Sony is Sony, Apple is Apple and no clones, fakes or knock-offs!

  10. Your chances are by far greater to win than playing the lottery and crossing your fingers.

  11. You are our valued patron and friend whether you join us or not.

  12. Last but certainly not least, you will be contributing to our ongoing efforts in the fight against Covid. That alone should be a good enough reason!

Joining Pryzwnr is "free". The only payments required are for your OPZ packages needed to enter the contests and play the games. Currently the only payment types we can accept are MasterCard or Visa (credit or debit). We will being adding alternative payment types in the near future. This is the best we have for the time being.

No, sorry. You would have to have an adult of legal age to join for you. It is illegal for us to accept payment from or award prizes to minors. You can ask a parent or guardian to join for you. Then you can play at will. If you win, the adult would have to be the person that we contact and make arrangements for delivery and/or transfer ownership of the prize merchandise (if applicable.)

I have invested a small fortune into the design and developement of this website. My purpose, to start a program that would donate and contribute to the people of our planet that are sick and dying from covid-19. Pryzwnr.com will be offering finances to cover the costs of covid vaccinations for those who can’t afford it. A sincere suggestion for you; if you have any doubt of our good intentions, please bookmark our website and read the posts of our company charitable activities, contest winners, upcoming events and new contests.

Of course you can, your mind is yours to control. But if you are asking for and wanting a refund after joining, then the answer would be NO, unless there is an extenuating reason (emergency) and approved by our CEO.

All completion times are determined, digitally, by our programming. This will make it consistent for every contestant and be extremely accurate. Correct answers will be provided for checking accuracy and a digital timer will be displayed in the game window for you to see. The finish times will be saved to our database, which will be recalled later to determine the winners. No human errors allowed. We would hate to be the reason a contestant didn’t win their contest. I am sure you will agree.

Very good question. We ask that you read our "Terms and Conditions" page carefully. Most everything is answered within that page. Be sure you CHECK the 4 boxes at the bottom of the “Terms and Conditions” page or you won’t be allowed to enter a contest or proceed to the “OPZ Packages” page. T&Cs comes first. Any other questions, you can go the the "Contact Us" page and send us a message. We'll do our best to reply back as soon as possible.

No problem at all. We will be happy to wait until you are comfortable. Please check back with us regularly to view our winners and our updated posts.

No, not at all. We will respectfully ask you to give us permission to use the awarding of the prize for our promotional needs. Please approve and allow us to take photos, sound clips, videos, or others so we can use them on our website, social media campaigns, online advertising and other nondigital mass media outlets (magazines, radio, television, etc.) If you volunteer to help us, it would be very much appreciated.

Absolutely! Use the "Contact Us" page and send us a message with your idea. We will review it and if we feel it would attract enough players, then we can offer it in a new contest.

All prizes cost Pryzwnr.com handsomely. Yes, if the contest doesn't generate enough interest or there is an inadequate number of contestants for that particular contest, it can be discontinued and terminated by our CEO, giving a valid reason with a serious apology. We cannot take a loss from any contest. Lord forbid, if this occurs all participants can have their OPZ packages renewed (free) to join another active or future contest. Option two, Pryzwnr.com will refund the full package price, no questions asked. Truthfully, we don't see that happening any time soon. Although, while we are new, building our world participation and popularity, that is a very faint possibility. Please see this in our "Terms and Conditions" page.

Yes, but not for that reason. We can extended a contest deadline if the participation of that one specific contest is below our minimal participation requirement, but close enough that a small number of new joining contestants would push it over the requirement. To extended it for any other reason would be “unfair” to the top position holder at the original contest deadline. Think about this for a moment. How would you feel if we extended the contest and you were in first position when it was scheduled to end? Yah, that is what we thought too.