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Something About Pryzwnr.com

In total honesty, I was inspired to design and build our website from an idea I got in my head after understanding why so many people world-wide love playing their country’s lottery.  Invest a little with the hope of winning a lot.
My first site was called “HoleyKow.com”, setup in 2009, and was not as beautiful a website as Pryzwnr.com. We had 1000s of viewers, but few members. The business design needed to be restructured to attract more players. HoleyKow.com had 3 successful contests with 3 winners that were extremely happy with their victories and the prizes they won. Eventually, activity trickled down to a level that didn’t support the website and business decisions were made.
Ten years later, the ideas and concepts were upgraded and improved making it a much more enticing and motivating to join and compete. The prizes today are far more sophisticated and also much more valuable. So our plans are to gradually increase the value of the prizes offered on Pryzwnr as the popularity of the website and player participation steadily grows. Keep your eyes fixed on Pryzwnr.com because in the very near future you’ll be shocked and amazed with the new prizes you’ll be seeing, such as new motorcycles and cars, scholarships, paid medical expenses, prepaid shopping sprees, business capital, cruises and vacation packages, and many more. Pryzwnr.com will soon be the planet’s #1 contest website!
We will be opening our site right in the middle of the worst pandemic imaginable. Covid-19 is a problem for everyone and a “death sentence” to many good people around our planet. As the CEO and founder of Pryzwnr.com, I will be committing a share of our proceeds to providing “cost-free” Covid-19 vaccination treatments to the individuals and families that don’t have the financial ability to do so for themselves. We will be approaching clinics, hospitals, charities, NPOs, and other groups that are dedicated to winning the war against this deadly virus. Please take a moment to look around you and notice all the people that could possibly contract the virus and be taken away. As a full-time teacher in Thailand, I’ve had two of my students infected by Covid. One recovered quickly and is Covid-free now, while the other is still fighting for his young life with an uncertain future. Please help us at Pryzwnr to be a worthy contributor to the victory of this ongoing battle and finding a solution to eliminate Covid-19, forever.

Thank you and blessings to all,
James F. Glendening, CEO/Founder